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Social Media Manager Jobs You Should Look For In 2022

While the world underwent a digital renaissance with a boom in social media, careers in digital marketing and the number of social media manager jobs also increased. Social media as a career had no value to people even five years ago. Yes, the concept was there, but people had just begun exploring possibilities in the digital world.

The concept of social media marketing and management continues to be relatively new, but the opportunities? Too many to confuse someone with no experience. This is because social media has become a vast field with several opportunities – you could be a social media director or marketer, or manager. Your options are endless.

If you have been exploring career opportunities in social media and typing  ?social media manager jobs near me on Google, you have come to the right place. Scroll down and learn which social media manager jobs you must look for in 2022.

A Career In Social Media: What Does It Entail?

What Does A Career In Social Media Means?

When social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and the like first appeared in the early 2000s, there was a massive impact on society. But businesses still required a few years to figure out the positive effects of social media on their growth. And thus, social media manager jobs were created!

However, the boom in social media career opportunities occurred once the global pandemic hit the world and workplaces transitioned into a virtual space. In the absence of traditional marketing, businesses started depending more and more on digital marketing – social media marketing forms a big part of digital marketing.

So many people are exploring this field. While full-time working professionals are looking for social media manager freelance jobs, college students are seeking part-time social media manager jobs as well. In addition, a solid 90% of businesses use social media today. This indicates just how many social media manager jobs are available today. 

Benefits Of Using Social Media For Businesses:

Benefits Of Using Social Media For Businesses

Before interviewing for those social media account manager jobs, you must first understand how social media benefits businesses.

  • Firstly, investing financially in social media is highly cost-effective, making it a perfect choice for small businesses. Marketing on social media involves a lot of organic efforts and time. Even the paid options are great because these sites always guarantee their deliverables, ensuring you are not wasting money.
  • Secondly, social media always helps in improving brand visibility. This, in turn, helps in increasing conversions and ultimately increases sales. Social media presents the most opportunities for both generating and converting leads.
  • Thirdly, social media also helps businesses gauge their success. If you cannot measure how your marketing campaigns are performing, how will you move ahead with your strategy? The best part about using social media as a marketing platform is you can use the google analytics tool for tracking your campaigns.

Social Media Manager Jobs You Should Look For In 2022:

Social Media Manager Jobs You Should Look

If you are looking for social media manager jobs, keep reading to find out the social media career opportunities you can explore in 2022!

1. Social Media Manager

Social media is a diverse field, and social media manager jobs are just one part of this marketing field. Simply put, a social media manager specifically manages social media business accounts for clients. If you want to work with one client, opting for in-house jobs is an excellent opportunity. All you need to do is take care of one brand, in this case.

However, if you want a little adventure in your professional work, choose an agency. A job with an agency will require you to handle multiple accounts. It?s a fun job, as long as you can manage more than one account. A typical social media manager?s job role is as follows.

  • Post relevant content in the form of images, videos, and other formats on social media sites consistently.
  • Responding to any comments or messages left by potential or existing customers on their social media account of the business.
  • Monitoring reach and engagement closely. For example, if a campaign is running, a social media manager tracks the campaign.

2. Social Media Strategist

Most social media strategists begin their careers in social media as a manager. This is because you need a little experience and expertise to become a strategist. However, if you were looking for social media manager remote-jobs, then becoming a strategist is an alternative you can consider.

This is because social media strategists are responsible for crafting a complete social media marketing strategy compared to a manager?s role. For becoming a social media strategist, you need a little expertise with social networking sites. If you don?t understand the intricate details about the platforms, you won?t develop any strategy.

Interestingly, the only way to learn the intricacies of social media platforms is through becoming a manager at some point in your career. Before settling down for social media manager jobs, find out the typical social media strategist?s job role.

  • Planning and executing a company?s complete social media strategy.
  • Creating ad campaigns for the targeted audience.
  • Creating strategies for increasing client engagement.
  • Measuring how campaigns have performed and making social media reports.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. Are Social Media Managers In High Demand?
Currently, job networks are filled with social media manager jobs. Social media managers are high in demand owing to the digital explosions, especially in terms of social media experienced by the world at large.
2. What Is The Job Outlook For A Social Media Manager?
Industry experts have already predicted that social media will expand further in terms of career opportunities.
3. What Advanced Smo Skills Were Important In 2022?
The advanced SMO skills critical in 2022 are as follows,

  • Strategic planning and implementation skills
  • Communication and management skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Content creation and management skills
  • Originality and knowledge of trends



If you have been looking for social media manager jobs because you thought it would be easy, then it?s best to drop the plan. This is because social media is a constantly evolving industry with changing algorithms and frequent trends. In order to succeed in the field, you need to always be at your toes and keep up with trends.

Yes, it might sound like a handful and make most people nervous. But it gets easy after a certain amount of time in the profession. Additionally, there are too many social media marketing and management tools out there for making your life easier. Thus, you can rely on tools and solid patience to guide you in your new profession!

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