Top Picks For This Week’s Movie Marathon

David Fincher’s hitman thriller, featuring Michael Fassbender, is a captivating movie. On the other hand, the 1968 original film directed by Franklin J Schaffner still manages to evoke a sense of awe and terror. Here are some of the choicest picks to watch this week.

The Killer

?It?s a thriller where the messy stuff of life is always threatening to break through his strict routine. Stabs of emotion appear when the killer?s Dominican housekeeper is attacked, while his work soundtrack of Smiths songs (This Charming Man, I Know It?s Over) adds an amusing, ironic edge to proceedings. A gripping tale well done.?

Drive My Car

?After a personal tragedy, Hidetoshi Nishijima?s Tokyo actor-director Y?suke heads to Hiroshima to stage a multilingual version of Chekhov?s Uncle Vanya. The power of telling and listening to stories plays out as he is driven to and from rehearsals by a young woman, Misaki (T?ko Miura), who shares his sense of loss and unresolved guilt.?

Mafia Mamma

?Toni Collette is eminently watchable in pretty much anything she turns her hand to. This broad comedy about unappreciated American wife Kristin, who discovers she is the heir to an Italian mob operation, relies on her ability to be either pathetic or forceful as the plot dictates. Despite their murderous intent, these are not the wiseguys of The Godfather (though the characters reference the film a lot) ? and the newly empowered Kristin?s perils prove to be partly of a romantic nature.?


?As played by Coleman Domingo, Rustin is an exuberant life-of-the-party kind of guy, great at organizing and rousing his volunteers after he conceives the idea of a march on Washington in 1963 ? the one that culminated in his friend Martin Luther King?s ?I have a dream? speech. He is also gay and a former communist, leading to tension within and without the movement. It is a stirring story of pluck and passion.?

Planet Of The Apes?Featuring one of the greatest endings in all sci-fi cinema, Franklin J Schaffner?s 1968 film works both as a parable of human (and animal) rights and a rollicking, kid-friendly action adventure. Charlton Heston is astronaut Taylor, who crash-lands on a world where our simian cousins have evolved beyond humans and now rule brutally. He quickly becomes the focus of the resistance, aided by chimps Zira (Kim Hunter) and Cornelius (Roddy McDowall). The excellent makeup quickly makes us forget the oddity of talking apes.?

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