An embattled US congressman, George Santos, who ran for office on an embellished biography, is facing some possible expulsions. George is a 35-year-old lawmaker who is facing several troubles, including wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, along with conspiracy offenses against the United States.

Multiple allegations of fraud and falsehoods have already dogged Mr. Santosh. A non-existent real-estate portfolio and confusion were some of the corn controversies that New York Republicans faced. This happened before he was sworn into office.

Mr Santos billed himself as “the full embodiment of the American dream, an openly gay child. It was a Brazilian immigrant who rose to the upper echelons of Wall Street. This happened before entering politics globally. From several lies to OnlyFans disrepute, there are so many controversies over George.

What did this US politician say before?

Mr. Santosh is a relative newcomer as a politician in the United States. Here are the options that Mr Santos stated.

Mr George Santos was lauded as the first openly gay to win the House of Representatives seat. George won the seat as a non-incumbent with his winning last year. According to the biography published by his campaign, he is the first generation American-born borough Queens.

His Brazilian-born parents eventually immigrated to the United States to search for his dream. Santosh has also claimed that he finished his studies at Baruch College, which is in New York City. He also claimed he owned more than 13 properties for which he had worked hard.

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