Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story

Instagram offers you several ways to post your content. For example, you can post images and videos on your feed.

There are also options for posting your content on the story sections. But there is one problem: the stories you post on Instagram disappear after one day. So, if you like someone’s account and want to view it after a day it was uploaded, you will be disappointed.

But there is a way you can take screenshots instead. But, there is a problem there as well. Many users believe that when you screenshot someone’s story, the owner of the story gets a notification from Instagram.

But is that true? Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story? If you are worried about the same problem, then this article may be of help to you.

In this article, I have solved your query related to Instagram stories. I have followed Instagram screenshot policies to offer you the most accurate answer.

What Is An Instagram Story?

What Is An Instagram Story

Instagram introduced its stories featured back in 2016 August. You can share images of your daily activities or anything else on Instagram stories.

But, unlike the content you like to keep on your profile, the stories will disappear after 24 hours of publishing or posting them.

Many small businesses, celebrities, and even regular Instagram users use Instagram stories to highlight their life, product, daily activities, etc.

It is an excellent feature for marketers to tease their audience with a sneak peek of what is coming to the market. Likewise, celebrities use it to tease their upcoming events/ movies, etc.

How To Take Screenshots Of Instagram Stories?

Since you already understand that the Instagram stories disappear 1 hour after uploading them, you cannot view them later. But if you still need to see that story that someone posted a day ago, you need to keep a screenshot of the story.

Here is how you can take the screenshot of that story?

  • It would help if you open Instagram first.
  • Now, open the story that you want to take a screenshot of.
  • Once you open the story, you need to slide down the toggle bar to access the screenshot tool and tap on it.
  • You can now tap on the scissor tool to take a screenshot of the Instagram story.

Many smartphones have three-finger gestures to take screenshots. You can also use the gestures to take a screenshot of the Instagram stories.

Why Do You Need To Screenshot An Instagram Story?

There are more than one reasons why an Instagram user may need to take a screenshot of an Instagram story. Here are some reasons-

  1. The story may contain valuable info.
  2. You may want to see it later.
  3. The story may seem entertaining.
  4. You may want to show that to someone else.
  5. A new content idea may pop into your head once you see a new story. 
  6. Other personal.

Instagram Screenshot Policies

Instagram Screenshot Policies

Whatever the reasons, taking screenshots of Instagram stories may seem important from time to time. But there are many rumors that Instagram notifies users when you take a screenshot.

According to the policies of Instagram, there is no such mention of Instagram notifying the user when someone takes a screenshot of their stories.

Therefore, you can take screenshots of any story you want, and Instagram will share no word about it with the post owner.

However, if you take a screenshot of any of the messages sent to you by someone, Instagram will send a notification to the sender.

Does Instagram Notify The User If You Take A Screenshot Of Their Stories?

Does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story? Once you know the screenshot policies of Instagram, the answer will be pretty clear. Instagram sends no notifications to the user once you take a screenshot of a story.

You can take any screenshots, and there will be no problem; Instagram will send no notification to the owner of the post.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The post owner will get no notifications if you take a screenshot of an Instagram story. Here are some more questions that I have answered for further clarification.

1. Can You Tell If Someone Screenshots Your Instagram?
No, Instagram sends you no notification if anyone screenshots your story. You cannot tell if someone screenshots them; you will not know of it.
2. Does Instagram Notify You When You Screenshot A Story?
The Instagram policies do not notify the user of taking any screenshots of the stories. Therefore, if you take screenshots of a story, the story owner will get no notifications. However, if you screenshot a message, Instagram may notify the user.
3. How Do You Screenshot On Instagram Without Them Knowing?
You can take a screenshot of a story normally, and Instagram won’t send the user any notification of the act. There is no policy of Instagram that forbids taking screenshots. Instagram won’t know if you screenshot a story.


If you want, you can take a screenshot of a story without Instagram knowing it. When you bookmark a story or a post, you can view it in the future. But when you cannot bookmark or save a story, that is why taking a screenshot is inevitable.

You don’t have to worry about Instagram keeping a tap on your activity since Instagram does not send a user any notification of you taking a screenshot of an Instagram story.

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