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15 Essential Email Marketing Tools For Your Business In 2024

There are a lot of email marketing tools that are a pain to deal with. Could you remember how many times you have deleted an email accidentally? Or even how many times have you redone the whole Campaign in 2022? Above all, marketing teams spend several other weeks choosing the best email software. There are a lot of email marketing tools that you should know to handle your business email promotion part.

Therefore, if you are a B2B company or an ecommerce brand, ensure you notify your customers about recent deals or offers through email. In this way, you can build the best and best business worldwide. Ultimately, this would stand out based on the current market value.

After long research, I have developed a large set of email marketing tools that serve several functions. These email marketing tools are similar to content marketing tools. Here is the email marketing softwares which you must know.

What Are The 15 Essential Email Marketing Tools You Must Know for Your Business In 2024?

What Are The 15 Essential Email Marketing Tools You Must Know for Your Business In 2024

Email marketing software will help you create, send, and track an email campaign. Below, I will discuss the 15 essential email marketing tools you must know for your business in 2024.

1) ActiveCampaign


ActiveCampaign is one of the most essential email marketing tools while this comes to email marketing tool. Afterward, this offers multiple services to assist marketing, sales, and service professionals through one feasible portal.

This email marketing tool is a cost-effective platform that would empower users to identify the most effective and functional campaigns through split A/B testing. Marketing automation will let users “set this and forget this” to streamline all other digital marketing efforts.

What are the exceptional features of Active Campaign?

  • Firstly, a library of stunning pre-designed email templates.
  • Secondly, an automated sales CRM feature would also be beneficial to personalize leads while tracking each interaction.
  • Finally, event tracking is another significant feature that would help you send personalized messages to consumers. This is based on such specific interactions.

2) MailChimp


One of the most significant email marketing platforms is MailChimp. This software app is good. After all, this digital marketing app will come loaded with an extensive range of important features to help you build and engage such a large base of audiences.

 With the help of this software, you can convert leads into actual sales. There would have been no surprise that MailChimp has been trusted by some of the biggest and most reputable brands.

What are the exceptional features of MailChimp?

  • In particular, the advanced segmentation feature of MailChimp would help you target the ideal range of audiences through every email campaign.
  • Another exceptional feature of MailChimp is the automated marketing feature, which would help you re-engage with several potential clients or consumers.
  • The real-time performance tracking feature would be beneficial to capture how many emails were delivered. Apart from that, you can quickly check the click-through rate and so many others through this.

3) Gist


Do you have any idea about an essential email marketing tool like Gist? With the help of this email marketing software tool, you could streamline the marketing plans and where you could manage the comprehensive email marketing tools.

 Afterward, you can arrange a full range of digital marketing products and services through this email marketing tool. Conversely, this way, users can create standout customer service to experience other visitors. This all-in-one solution includes marketing automation, event tracking live-charts, etc.

What are the exceptional features of Gist?

  • Firstly, with the help of this email marketing software tool, you can easily engage in real-time conversations with several other consumers.
  • Secondly, through the GIST email marketing tool, you can save time and increase productivity through inbox automation.
  • Finally, with the help of this email marketing tool, you can receive leads from several other channels, such as social media platforms.

4) Constant Contact

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the best email marketing software tools to help you build a simple brand. This software email marketing tool lets you quickly increase your business with an eCommerce website and generate social ad campaigns.

 This would help you to create professional marketing campaigns. You can also be assured that your digital marketing costs don’t go unnoticed.

What are the additional features of Constant Contact?

  • Firstly, this email marketing tool has an interactive email campaign to help you converse with a large audience. Through this software, you could grow a contact list via custom forms for your website.   
  • Secondly, an in-depth campaign reporting feature would also help you to achieve the business objectives and other goals.

5) HubSpot


HubSpot is another essential email marketing tool that has all the features that help with the marketing and sales of your business is HubSpot. With these marketing tools, you can reach sales goals more quickly with such lead management software. Even though this email marketing software is available to provide long-lasting ROI, it could help build meaningful relationships with consumers.

What are the best and exceptional features of HubSpot?

  • In particular, HubSpot offers comprehensive marketing reports, especially for every channel in one location.
  • Afterward, email workflows will automate several tasks and other sales procedures.    
  • The content optimization part of HubSpot will ensure the best SEO practices and enhance Google’s ranking every time.

6) GlueUp

GlueUp is an imperative email marketing tool that would provide unique support whenever you need to push ticket sales and grow revenue. On the other hand, GlueUp is a transforming software tool that can handle several digital marketing solutions. This would support further the growth of your business.

What are the additional features of GlueUp?

  • Firstly, with the help of the GlueUp email marketing tool, you can promote and create hundreds of events. In this way, you would engage with your audience.
  • At the same time, the marketing and selling webinars feature would also be convenient. The training courses are also another unique feature.
  • Finally, the company’s membership feature would also help you to engage and grow your business.

7) Zoho


This email marketing tool, which is Zoho, would help you engage with the customer base and drive the company’s sales. Zoho’s full range of digital tools will help automate the marketing strategies. Aside from that, this will further increase productivity. This is all about the tip of the iceberg with this multipurpose application. Zoho also helps streamline the daily operation of your small business.

What are the best Zoho features?

  • A fleet of software applications will support every asset of your sale and other marketing strategies.
  • Zoho will help you transform your digital marketing platform with an interactive email campaign, landing page builders, and other forms.
  • You could identify business opportunities through Zoho through in-depth performance metrics and performance tracking.

8) Act-On

I want to grow your audience base, and Act-On would be one of the perfect addiction tools. In this case, the cloud-based app will be easily able to optimize your lead conversions, customer engagement, and so many others. Act-On’s impressive technology would assist several small and big companies in creating stellar brand experiences.

What are the additional Act-On features?

  • Act-On would deliver a perfect message to your segmented audience via automated messaging.
  • This email marketing software enhances audience engagement, driving better sales. After all, the automated journey builder is another benefit of this email marketing tool.
  • Act-On would help you optimize content for better search engine ranking with several other SEO audit tools.

9) Brevo


Previously known as Sendinblue, Brevo is one of the most significant email marketing tools that allows the creation of effective email campaigns.

 Eventually, personalized strategies from segmentation to automation will surely enhance your audiences’ experience. Additionally, Brevo is an email marketing tool that helps you by providing several digital marketing tools. This includes Facebook ads and other retargeting ads as well.

What are the best features of Brevo?

  • The automated workflow templates will help you enhance workplace productivity.    
  • The drag-and-drop feature also allows you to block creating attractive email newsletters.    
  • The smart scheduling functions feature would help you improve email campaigns’ opening and other click-through rates.    

10) Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is such a significant email marketing tool which would help you connect with your audience and make your message, which you could listen to via Campaign Monitor. Moreover, with the help of this email marketing software, you can create an effective campaign with professionally designed templates, even our content, with a more accessible drag-and-drop feature.

What are the best features of Campaign Monitor?

  • Firstly, the campaign monitor’s advanced analytics would help you track users effectively. This would make you educated decisions to enhance the engagement.
  • Secondly, campaign Monitor has personalized marketing automation to ensure the right message has been sent to a large sector of customers.
  • The simple drag-and-drop feature will assist users in creating beautiful email campaigns.

11) SalesHandy


SalesHAndy is a crucial email marketing tool that is also considered a productivity tool. This will empower users to track, follow, and schedule messages sent directly through their email providers. Through this email marketing tool, you would gain insights to get better engagement of your email recipients and would be able to increase business sales.

What are the exceptional features of SalesHandy?

  • Firstly, follow up on this from buyers’ perspectives and with other clients where you could automate the messaging. With the help of the exceptional features of SalesHandy, you can increase productivity via scheduling and automation functions.    
  • Secondly, salesHandy could make better digital marketing decisions with such an engagement rate.    

12) Moosend


With the help of Moosend, you could design a large set of features to empower its users. This would also be beneficial for creating such practical and beautiful emails. No design is required. After all, Moosend would help automate cart abandonment campaigns and produce recommendations.

What are the exceptional features of Moosend?

  • An email marketing campaign would help you create a long email list segmentation and automation. Automated marketing would also be beneficial to handle tasks to get better engagement with your large set of audiences.
  • You could grow your email list with custom sign-up forms for your website or even other social media profiles.    

13) Omnisend


Omnisend is an email marketing tool that encompasses in terms of building your digital marketing strategies. Above all, the user-friendly interface and advanced features simplify the execution and creation of several other targeted campaigns across several different channels.

What are the significant features of Omnisend?

  • The Omnisend feature would facilitate flawless communication with several other customers through various channels. Above all, this would also enable businesses to engage with their audiences.    
  • In particular, comprehensive analytics would provide detailed analytics and other reporting tools, even though this would empower users by allowing you to track the performance of their campaigns,
  • Eventually, advanced Automation workflow features would offer such robust automation, allowing businesses to create an intricate workflow.

14) SendX


SendX email marketing tool is another cost-effective solution for novice and experienced marketers. The drag-and-drop editor and powerful automation feature can simplify managing and creating an effective email campaign.

What are the best key features of SendX?

  • The user-friendly interface has been designed to facilitate such an easy navigation.    
  • This platform offers advanced automation and segmentation tools.    
  • A/B testing tools enable users to conduct A/B testing to optimize several other campaign elements, ensuring the most effective content delivery.

15) GetResponse


Another comprehensive marketing platform that is known for its multifaceted approach is GetResponse. This offers features like email marketing, landing page creation, and other marketing automations. This would serve as a centralized solution, especially for diverse marketing requirements.

What are the best features of GetResponse?

  • After all, GetResponse implements several marketing functionalities into a single platform.    
  • The visual email editor feature could help you simplify several visually appealing emails.    
  • Automation Workflows also have advanced automation, enabling businesses to design complicated customer journeys.

In Conclusion   

I have discussed about 15 essential email marketing tools for your business in 2024 in this article. Moreover, email marketing tools would help your companies enhance conversion leads and generate traffic. On the other hand, email marketing tools would also cause a large set of attractive to retain the business’s customers.

I hope you liked this article. If you have queries, then comment below!

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