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How Do I Access My Adobe Cloud Storage In 2021

Adobe Cloud storage is essential for syncing your files and storing your files in creative cloud storage. The files that you sync here will automatically be saved into your creative cloud website. You can view those files in adobe file format directly from here.

Your adobe cloud storage size is up to 100 GB, so there?s a lot of space for you to manage your files. However, you may also get 2 GB free storage space with the Acrobat DC subscription, so there is no possible way to exceed the adobe cloud storage limit.

Adobe Cloud Storage Pricing

If you want to use Adobe creative cloud storage for photography, you will get a 20 GB storage size. This is free, and so it comes as a default option. However, if you want to purchase the 1 TB storage plan, you can access the $9.99/month scheme. This scheme also enables you to access the adobe lightroom cloud storage. 

If you want to purchase the 2 TB plan, your yearly subscription fees will cost $200. If you buy the 5 TB  Adobe cloud storage, it will cost you $500/year. Finally, if you want to buy the 10 TB adobe cloud storage plan, it will be pretty expensive for you. This is the ultimate option in the adobe cloud storage pricing list, and it will cost you $562/month.

How To Use Adobe Cloud Storage?

There are numerous ways that you can use Adobe cloud storage. You can use them to sync files, save files, manage files, move files, etc. Let?s find out how.

If you want to save files to creative cloud storage, you need to launch the adobe cloud storage application. Create a new file, or open the existing file. Choose the save file option. Remember, if your file contains some special characters, you won?t be able to save it. So, change the file names beforehand. Now, navigate to the creative cloud files option and press the save option. All of your files will be automatically synced to your creative cloud account.

Are  you looking forward to move your existing files to the cloud, you must open the cloud website and select the file?s icon on the synced file section; you choose new files from your laptop, like them and click on the open option. 

When you want to check the sync status of your files, click on the creative cloud desktop application. Next, click on the cloud activity button at the top corner. An in-context menu will pop up, and that will display the sync status of your files.

If you want to manage your files, you must open the creative cloud storage app. Then you can either go to the synced file option, or the cloud document option, or the mobile creation option to view your files. Once you select a file, you can click on the more option. You can choose to rename, save, delete, copy, move, or download the files from there. 

How Do I Access The Adobe Cloud Storage login Option?

You can access the adobe cloud storage by typing on your search browser. Then, sign in to your account with your adobe id and password. You can also log in there with your social media account like Facebook or Google. You can access the adobe creative cloud services from there. Otherwise, you can also choose to download the adobe acrobat DC files for desktop and mobile and access the same benefits of adobe cloud storage.

If you want to log in to your adobe creative cloud desktop application, you can do that too. If you are not signed in, there will be a sign-in screen appearing on your window. In addition, there will be options so that you can either sign in from your account or your social account. Now, you may want to enter the password for adobe ID. 

What Is Adobe Lightroom Cloud Storage?

It is a photo industry software that is ranked the highest in the photoshop industry. If you have an account of adobe cloud storage, you will most likely access the adobe lightroom cloud storage option. The amalgamation of online photo storage and Sensei AI technology will track and simplify your photo management technique.

When you click a lot of photos and edit many pictures, too, you often face a shortage of time to manage a lot of photos. The adobe lightroom cloud storage makes your online photo organization easier. You can save a lot of time and be more efficient in your work if there is software for automated photo management.

If there are some photos that you just edited on your phone and want them on your laptop, the adobe lightroom cloud storage can help you do that too. You can manage your photos from any possible device and share them through any possible device, too, if you have this option. You can use separate image labels, store the images with enough security management, and use the smart search option here. 

Final Words:

The adobe creative cloud storage is an exceptional platform that can enable you to manage many of your files together. You can save files, share files with other device options, and use intelligent search to look for your photos in this software. Even the adobe cloud storage with the 100 GB storage option comes well within anyone?s budget because you don?t need a fat pocket to afford it.

This exceptional tool is an excellent addition to your cloud security database. If you have a hold of adobe cloud storage, you can access many different features. So, don?t wait anymore. Access this exclusive software today, and add a little more professional touch to your workspace. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1:  Is Adobe Document Cloud Free?

Ans: Yes, It is a free version of Adobe software to store, and share, and access your files when you need them. This gives you 2 GB of free storage too. This allows you to integrate other Adobe platforms with it.

2:  Is Adobe Cloud Storage Safe?

Ans: Yes, it is safe. This software prioritizes the security of your digital experience at the highest. In addition, industry-standard security guidelines of Adobe cloud storage are well-integrated in its operational procedures.

3: Can I Uninstall Creative Cloud And keep Acrobat?

Ans: No, you cannot do that. You must keep the Creative cloud and acrobat together to access either of them. If the other creative cloud software is uninstalled from your laptop, you can only uninstall adobe creative cloud.

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