Nike Resale

How to Get Started in Nike Resale

Flipping Nike sneakers is one of the best side hustles you can have, but where do you begin? Find out how to get started in Nike resale here!

Are you looking for a legitimate side hustle at the moment? If you are, buying Nike sneakers and reselling them for a profit might be one great option for you.

There are some sneaker resellers out there who are pulling in hundreds of thousands of dollars each year simply by reselling hard-to-find Nike shoes. You may be able to use this to your advantage by selling sneakers like this.

Who knows? It might even result in you quitting your 9-to-5 to jumpstart a full-time sneaker business!

But if you want to get started in Nike resale, it’s important for you to take the right steps. Otherwise, you could end up losing a lot of money as opposed to making it.

Here is how to go about getting your Nike resale side hustle:

Nike resale side hustle

1. Learn About the Most Desirable Nike Sneakers on the Market Today

First things first: While there is a big market for buying and reselling Nike sneakers, you aren’t going to be able to turn a profit on just any old Nikes. There are certain Nike sneakers that will be more profitable than others.

Nike Jordans, for example, are always a hot commodity. If you’re able to hunt down almost any Air Jordan retro sneakers, you should be able to get a pretty penny for them.

It isn’t just Air Jordans that will prove to be profitable, though. You can also buy Air Max 96 sneakers and other types of Nikes to collect the kinds of profits that you would like.

2. Figure Out How to Get Rare Nike Sneakers Into Your Hands

Before you can begin reselling rare Nike sneakers, you’re obviously going to need to find out how you can actually secure them yourself. This is going to be easier said than done at the beginning.

That being said, it’s definitely not impossible to obtain rare Nike sneakers as long as you’re willing to work at them. You might be able to pick them up at a store in your area, or you might be able to get lucky and come across them online.

You might also need to consider investing in a sneaker bot that will allow you to get an advantage over other Nike sneaker resellers. It’s going to be difficult to succeed in the Nike resale game without one.

3. Find the Best Ways to Go About Selling the Sneakers You Buy

Getting your hands on rare Nike sneakers is really only half the battle when it comes to winning at the Nike resale game. You’re also going to have to figure out how to sell the sneakers that you’re able to buy.

If you live in a big city, you might be able to get away with selling Nike sneakers to people in person. You can advertise your sneakers for sale on sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace and then pass them off in person after you’ve been paid.

But you should also look into selling your Nike sneakers on sites like eBay, GOAT, and StockX. They’ll provide you with much bigger audiences and possibly help you increase your profits.

4. Come Up With the Right Starting Prices for Your Nike Shoes

No matter how you choose to sell Nike sneakers, it’s going to be important for you to come up with the right starting prices for them. If you don’t do this, you might be leaving money on the table every time you make a sale.

So, how should you go about coming up with starting prices for your Nike shoes? It should be as simple as searching for them on the sites that we just mentioned and seeing what other people are trying to sell their sneakers for.

By doing this, you should be able to get some general idea as to how much you can get away with selling Nike sneakers. You should also be able to see how to price your Nike shoes more aggressively to make quick sales.

5. Create a Surefire System for Packaging Nike Sneakers and Shipping Them

If you’re going to plan on selling sneakers in person, for the most part, you won’t have to worry too much about packaging them up or shipping them. But if you’re going to sell them online, you’ll need to get familiar with the sneaker shipping process.

If you don’t ship sneakers in the right way, it’s going to cut your profits. So you should aim to buy shipping boxes in bulk to keep your packaging prices down and look for the most affordable shipping options around.

You’ll also want to educate yourself on how to ensure the Nike sneakers that you will be shipping. The last thing that you want to do is have a pair of Nike sneakers go missing and be forced to pay back a buyer out of your own pocket.

6. Reinvest Some of Your Profits to Buy More Nike Sneakers

As long as you do everything that we’ve talked about here thus far, you should be able to begin selling Nike sneakers and bringing in some sizeable profits. You’ll love the fact that you’re able to make money fast without putting in too much effort on your part.

But you shouldn’t stop there! The second that you start turning a profit on reselling Nike sneakers, you should reinvest at least some of the money you’re making to buy more Nike sneakers. You can beef up your inventory and put yourself in a position to make even more money.

You might not want to buy too many Nike sneakers at one time and tie up all your money in the process. But it’s not a bad idea at all for you to begin to increase your sales by investing in more sneakers to sell.

7. Keep Tabs on How Much Money You’re Spending and Making on Nike Shoes

In a perfect world, you’ll be able to make some serious money by buying and reselling Nike sneakers. As we alluded to earlier, it might not be too long before you’re running a legit sneaker business.

But it’s important to remember that Uncle Sam is going to come calling every April for a cut of your profits. You should factor this into the equation when you’re selling Nike sneakers and make sure you set some of your money aside for tax purposes.

Furthermore, you should keep a close eye on how much money you’re spending and making while selling shoes. You might be able to write off some of your different expenses to make your tax bill more manageable.

8. Steer Clear of Buying Fake Nike Sneakers at All Costs

The sneaker business has blossomed into such a big business that it shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that there are tons of fake Nike sneakers out there. Some people have started to sell them to cash in on the popularity of Nike sneakers as a whole.

If you’re going to last in the sneaker business, you have to be very careful when you buy Nike shoes and avoid purchasing fake Nikes at all costs. If you do this more than a few times, it could actually end up putting you out of business.

There are many ways to tell when sneakers are fake. In some cases, it’ll be obvious that a seller is trying to get you to buy a fake pair of Nikes. But in other instances, you might have to look hard to spot the signs of a fake pair of sneakers.

If you make the mistake of buying fake Nikes, you might struggle to find the person that sold them to you later. So you should be diligent about examining the sneakers that you would like to buy and say “no thanks” if you ever suspect someone might be trying to get you to buy fakes.

9. You Can Cash In on the Nike Resale Craze in a Major Way

You’re probably not going to be able to launch a career as a Nike sneaker reseller. There is no telling when the current Nike resale market is going to dry up and go away.

But for now, the Nike resale market is as strong as it has ever been. And there are lots of opportunities for you to make money by buying Nike sneakers and reselling them for a profit. You should take full advantage of this today before these opportunities no longer exist.

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