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Top 12 MailerLite Alternative That You Must Know About In 2024

Email marketing has emerged as a formidable method in today’s digital age, especially for businesses. This would help companies engage and connect and even convert their audiences into several other customers. If you are fed up with using mailerlite, you could search for mailerlite alternative.

There are so many mailerlite alternatives that are affordable email marketing tools. This type of tool has such affordable features and tools which could be dynamic for every user.

After long research, I have come up with the top 12 MailerLite alternatives. In this case, those Mailerlite alternatives will help you re such helpful information, allowing you to build your email marketing business. After all, MailerLite is such a significant email marketing tools that you must know about it.  

The Top 12 Mailerlite Alternatives That You Must Know About In 2024!

The Top 12 Mailerlite Alternatives That You Must Know About In 2024

After researching the fact, it has been seen that email marketing software such as MailerLite has several better features based on such pricing plans. Below, I will discuss the top 12 MailerLite alternatives you must know in 2024.

1) WeMail


One of the best WordPress email list-building and campaign plugins is WeMail for any WordPress site or other business. With the help of this email marketing tool, you can easily manage your email campaigns and other subscriber lists via WeMail. The implemented email marketing tool has also been designed for the WordPress platform.

What are the top features of WeMail?  

  • There are several email-sending gateways, which are quite easy to switch.
  • The flawless WordPress implementation is mainly helpful for auto-importing users and other customers.
  • WeMail has an implementation with several third-party services, such as Zapier and WooCommerce.
  • With the help of this email marketing tool, it is easier to customize the inline, slide-up, and other modal forms.

2) Moosend


Another affordable and feature-rich alternative to MailerLite is Moosend. This has a user-friendly email editor, and the ready-to-use templates are feasible. The intuitive workflow editor and other pre-made recipes will simplify different automated sequences. 

What are the top features of Moosend?

  • Moosend could craft several beautiful email campaigns with other content blocks you could convert.   
  • With the help of Moosend, you can save time by instantly customizing several ready-to-use email templates.
  • Moosend will help you set up automated sequences such as welcome cart abandonment and other re-engagement series.
  • With the help of Moosend, you can access other pre-built workflows, such as blueprints, especially for email sequences.
  • Moosend would easily capture several leads and would expand another subscriber base.

3) ActiveCampaign


Another best alternative of MailerLite is ActiveCampaign. The customer experience automation of the ActiveCampaign platform would help businesses to engage and connect with a large set of customers across social, email, and messaging platforms. Furthermore, this would offer extensive features, including email marketing, marketing automation, and sales automation.

What are the top features of ActiveCampaign?

  • This email marketing tool is ideal for crafting such complicated sequences
  • The quick creation of ActiveCampaign with other content block options is also available.   
  • ActiveCampaign would keep other contacts organized and efficient.
  • The automated sales procedure is also there, from lead generation to closing deals.

4) MailChimp


Have you heard about MailChimp, which is a renowned alternative? This has a fast campaign builder, as do other email types, which include postcards. The email editor will offer several other content blocks and elements, such as videos and social buttons. Even though you can easily create such a visually appealing and would also be able to make several other unique campaigns.

What are the top features of MailChimp?

  • MailChimp can summarize other marketing activities, performance, and contacts.   
  • This would help you collect customer data, especially for personalization.
  • MailChimp also enables you to create customer segments based on several other conditions. 

5) Brevo


Another brilliant email campaign, which is also an alternative to MailerLite, is Brevo. With the help of Brevo, you can create brilliant campaigns with SMS, automation, and so many others. By using Brevo, you could easily handle the Brevo marketing platform. On the other side, this will let you engage with one-on-one customers through chat tools, which will provide immediate support.

What are the top features of Brevo?

  • With the help of Brevo, you could create such brilliant campaigns with SMS, email, and so many others.
  • Brevo would also help you to engage with customers via one-on-one chat tools.
  • This email marketing tool will help you to send thousands of emails on cue with other reliable APIs. 
  • Brevo will help you to design stunning email campaigns that you can convert easily.
  • Brevo will help you create beautiful signup forms to help you grow your email list.
  • This could capture leads and expand your reach to customer landing pages.

6) Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads

MailerLite alternative, which is ThriveLeads, is mainly beneficial for WordPress, which conversion optimization experts have designed. With the help of this software, you can easily manage your business emails. The user-friendly interface will provide cutting-edge tactics for explosive list growth and other business success.

What are the top features of Thrive Leads?

  • Thrive Leads would get an all-in-one plugin with every type of opt-in form based on your requirements.
  • Thrive Leads would help you build a more accessible custom-designed drag-and-drop editor feature.
  • This email marketing tool would boost such conversions with highly targeted offers, and these are based on tags and categories.
  • There are various other opt-in forms, such as ribbons, slide-ins, and so on, especially for attention-grabbing lead generation.

7) Sender


One of the best MailerLite alternatives is Sender, which can deliver a high level of several other emails. The sender app lets you personalize your messages to foster better engagement, customer lifetime, and revenue. The advanced analytics tool of Sender will allow you to measure campaign success, making it suitable for both growing businesses.

What are the top features of Sender?

  • The reliable email delivery rates and robust infrastructure are also feasible features of Sender. 
  • The user-friendly features will help you to handle marketing automation effortlessly.
  • Prompt and effective support features are beneficial in working seamlessly.
  • The visually captivating templates are also feasible, especially for inspiring campaigns.   
  • With the help of Sender, you could add a personalized touch to drive results.

8) SendGrid


If you are looking for an excellent alternative, then SendGrid is one of the best options. This is a decent tool, especially for businesses and other seasoned marketers. Furthermore, this would offer a great interface and a dedicated email API.

With the help of SendGrid, you can send several different emails, particularly transactional ones. This email API supports high-volume senders and promises several great deliverability rates. Additionally, this also supports several other integrations with other marketing platforms.

What are the significant features of SendGrid?

  • In this email marketing application, you would get a free forever plan for up to 2000 contacts.   
  • This would help you to send up to 6000 emails every month.
  • SendGrid pricing is convenient for users. It means this email API plans start at $19.95 monthly, where you can send up to 5000 emails. Moreover, the marketing plans start at just $15 per month, where you could handle over 1000 contacts.

9) MailJet


Another great alternative to MailerLite is Mailjet, which has several other features, such as custom contact properties, online behavior, etc. This would allow you to segment their email lists and help improve campaign personalization.

What are the best features of MailJet?

  • Intelligent contact management and segmentation are exceptional features.
  • The SMS API and email SMTP are also unique feature
  • The campaign A/B testing feature is also convenient.

10) Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho campaigns is one of the most significant alternatives of MailerLite. The advanced reporting and analytics features apply to event and social media marketing.

After researching Zoho Campaigns in-depth, I found that this ware tool is an excellent choice for several other businesses, especially within the Zoho ecosystem. Advanced analytics and additional marketing options are also manageable for social media and event marketing.

Conversely, Zoho Campaigns also offers more advanced analytics and tighter integration options. This is especially suitable for other Zoho-oriented products, making this a better choice for other businesses. This means the businesses are already using or planning to use this type of Zoho suite.

What are the best features of Zoho Campaigns?

  • Subscriber Limit is one of the most significant features of Zoho Campaigns.
  • Automation is another exceptional feature of Zoho Campaigns.
  • Segmentation and A/B testing are also essential features of Zoho Campaigns.

11) Omnisend


Have you heard about Omnisend? Well, this is such a corporate email marketing tool and a remarkable MailerLite alternative.

Omnisend has multiple unique features, such as scalable email delivery, A/B testing, collaborative email-creating tools, and many others. There are other top alternative features of Omnisend, such as high-volume email senders. This further offers real-time analytics and other collaborative tools, especially email creation. This would make a robust choice, especially for teams.

What are the top features of Omnisend?  

  • The pricing is another exceptional feature of Omnisend.
  • Subscriber Limit is a significant feature of Omnisend.
  • Automation and drag-and-drop editor features are also suitable features of Omnisend.

12) GetResponse


If you are looking for a significant alternative to MailerLite, GetResponse is one of the most prominent ones. This email marketing tool is suitable for large and small businesses, where you can create, send, and track professional marketing campaigns.

Are there some key features of GetResponse? In this case, it includes customizable forms, landing pages, and many others. These are based on user behavior, integrated analytics, and many others that inform such a strategy.

What are the best features of GetResponse?  

  • As we know, GetResponse is an automation-based software tool. In this case, you can easily handle such user engagement data.
  • The easy implementation feature is also such an exceptional feature of GetResponse.
  • The superior analytics and custom goal KPI are also exceptional features of GetResponse.
  • The sending limitations of emails are also limited.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Email Marketing Tools?

What Are The Benefits Of Using Email Marketing Tools?

After estimating the fact, it has been seen that email marketing tools are quite suitable for business users. Above all, this has been a common concern for several marketing departments. Below, I am going to discuss the benefits of email marketing tools.

1) Able To Create Personalized Content

Have you heard about any personalized content? Well, personalization can sometimes be as small as you customize campaigns. Even though you can create such targeted content with the help of email marketing tools. On the other hand, you can also create multiple individualized content based on such audience segmentation. Therefore, you can also send the right emails to the right customers.

2) Able To Improve Sales

Email marketing is such an excellent marketing software tool. Through email marketing tool tools, such sales can be improved. Several other email marketing campaigns can feature services or products, even though this is beneficial to encourage customers to leverage after abandoning their carts.

Email marketing campaigns can quickly implement several other messages where you could encourage a purchase to such an audience. This is more likely to buy from you as they already have opted into such messages and other updates.

3) Able To Communicate With Your Large Set Of Audiences

Being a marketer, it is always important to enhance communication with your large set of audiences. Your audience feels they can talk to you or are more likely to become loyal to your brand. After all, people would also appreciate good and attractive emails.

With the help of email marketing tools, you can reach more audiences and where you can communicate easily with such brand ambassadors. These emails keep your audiences engaged, especially every time of the year.

4) Generating Traffic Of Your Website

While you are producing such great content, this would be disseminated to your audiences. With email marketing campaigns, you would send traffic to your website, and you could also enhance your SEO. Additionally, you would keep your audiences engaged with your site and brand.

For example, many people have reached your page through the marketing email. This is because email is such a great way through which you could provide such value to your large set of audiences.

5) Able To Send Timely Campaigns

Multiple traditional marketing campaigns have time and place. Even though they could take such months where you could plan and where you could organize. Even if you are unsure, people will see your campaign assets on time.

In Conclusion

I have discussed the top 12 MailerLite alternatives which you must know in 2024. After all, email marketing has several benefits in enhancing a business’s reputation. On the other hand, email marketing tools are also quite significant because they create attentive emails for specific target audiences. Not only that, but their features are also business-based, which would help you earn large amounts of money more easily for your business.   

I hope you liked this article!

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