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Who Is Nezuko Kamado? How Old Is Nezuko Kamado?

When I started watching Demon Slayer, the only character I did not want to be was Tanjjiro. Why? Because that way, I don’t get to fall for Nezuko. If you have a crush on Nezuko Kamado of Demon Slayer, then all you want to be is Zenitsu.

The most kawaii anime character in today’s time is indeed Nezuko Kamado. Her beautiful eyes, bamboo muzzles, and her pretty hair are worth falling for. She is the perfect sister Tanjiro could ask for. Anyways, I am making this article completely about Nezuko.

Here is a complete character breakdown of Nezuko Kamado. You will find this article. Heavily informative and entertaining to read. 

Who Is Nezuko Kamado?

Who Is Nezuko Kamado?

Nezuko used to be a human before being attacked and transformed into a demon by Kibutsuji Muzan. Most importantly, she is the main female protagonist of the Demon Slayer anime. Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko are siblings who were left behind after Muzan murdered their family. 

How Does Nezuko Look?

Nezuko Kamado has adorably fair and pretty skin. She has sharp stiletto nails and huge fangs. Her black, long, and wavy hair brings out the peak beauty of her personality. Her hair is so long that it reaches below her waist, the end of which has a flame-like orange color. 

Her pale and pinkish-colored eyes give the softest looks. She is the prettiest person in the hometown of Tanjiro, as Tanjiro says in one of the episodes of the Demon Slayer anime. has 

Nezuko Kamado New Form

In her demon form, she can expand herself in size. And she has a curvaceous body. She has a horn on the right side of her head in the demon form. There are vein-like patterns on her foreheads and her left eye. In her new demon form, Nezuko has green and red colored vine-like patterns on her body. 

Many of us wonder how old Nezuko Kamado is. Her demon form makes her appear like an adult, while her normal form makes her appear like a child. She is only twelve years old.

Nezuko Kamado Outfit

The light pink kimono of Nezuko with asanoha leaf make her look the prettiest. She also has a dark brown haori. On the left side of her head, Nezuko kamado wears a pretty pink colored ribbon, making her appear more attractive. Giyuu Tomioka gave her a bamboo muzzle to keep her teeth closed. 

She wears it to prevent herself from tasting human flesh or blood. When Nezuko is in her demon form, she loses her Bamboo muzzle. 

Nezuko Kamado Personality

Nezuko Kamado Personality

Nezuko has two forms, her human form, and her demon form. As a human, Nezuko takes after her brother Tanjiro Kamado. Like Tanjiro, she is also caring and protective of others. Before her family died and she transformed into a demon, she used to be an elder sister. 

She took care of her younger siblings with love and care. She often puts their needs before hers, which shows her compassionate personality on her side. She is also very protective of others. She can put herself in harm’s way and protect her friends even after returning to her human state. 

She also started her journey as a demon in a very bloodthirsty way. It took Tanjiro tremendous effort to keep her safe from being killed by other demon slayers. Tanjiro’s act to keep her safe made her change and be protective of other humans. 

She seems to have the memories of her human life forgotten. As a result, she does not have the same personality as she used to have as a human. Since she has a bamboo muzzle on her, she does not talk much. But she hums and stutters often. She has strong willpower. Most importantly, even as a demon, Nezuko has kept her protective side intact. 

Nezuko Kamado Abilities

Nezuko is not among the twelve Kizuki. But she received a significant amount of blood from Muzan, making her one of the strongest demons in the anime. She has another advantage over other demons ? she does not have to consume human blood to survive. 

Her most important ability is to enhance her speed, strength, regeneration, and her physical appearance. She also has the power of blood demon art. Her demonic powers made the demon king acknowledged as the “chosen demon.”

Nezuko Advanced Demon Form 

Nezuko Advanced Demon Form 

The Demon form of Nezuko makes her appear like an adult. In her fight with Daki, she shows this demon form for the first time. She grows vine-like tattoos across her arms and legs in this new demon form. She also can throw strong punches and kicks. 

Sunlight Resistance

Sunlight Resistance

While fighting with Hantengu, an upper-rank demon Nezuko showed her sunlight resistance. Unlike any other demons, she can stand the sunlight. Even the demon King Muzan does not have this power. 

Blood Control 

Blood Control 

Nezuko Kamado has the power of blood demon art. But her blood control ability makes her regeneration power more advanced. Even when her head and limbs were severed, she managed to get them back. 

Size Alteration  

Size Alteration

Nezuko Kamadoi can shrink in size and growth. When she is in demon form, Nezuko can expand her physical appearance and appear like an adult. But she can also revert back to her human form and shrink into a smaller size. In her human form, she fits into the box her brother carries her in. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

I have given information related to Nezuko Kamado’s age, height, and powers. However, here are some questions and answers related to Nezuko that you might love to read about.

1. Who Is Nezuko’s Boyfriend?

Zenitsu appears to have an interest in Nezuko. Although Nezuko herself has not shown any sign of loving Zenitsu, fans love to believe that they will make a couple in the future.

2. Why Does Nezuko Gag In Her Mouth?

The bamboo muzzle is for protecting others from Nezuko. Since she is a demon, she can eat human flesh. It also protects her from not being killed by other demon slayers. It is only a protective measure.

3. Can Nezuko Talk?

The bamboo muzzle on her mouth limits Nezuko from tasting human blood. It also limits her from talking. As a human, Nezuko could talk. But ever since she wears that gag, she cannot talk. It is only a limitation. But I am sure that she has not lost her ability to talk.

Final Words

Nezuko kamado is the crush of most of the anime fans who have watched Demon Slayer. Her protective and calm personality keeps her powerful and destructive side shadowed. You can get a brief and clean sketch of her character from this article. 

I hope that you enjoyed reading this. In case you have any additional questions, you can ask questions in the comment section.

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