Have you ever seen a car in somebody’s driveway with a “For Sale” sign on the windshield? You may drive past it every day for months before it finally disappears.

If so, you may have an idea of how long it can take to sell your car. Finding the best buyer for your vehicle can be challenging in many states.

Selling your car in California has different rules than in other states. So, finding the best California car buyers starts by following California’s laws.

Then, you can look for a buyer who pays the money you need. We’ll cover three tips on how to do this in our guide, so check it out to learn more!


1. Review and Gather Your California DMV Forms

When Californians sell their cars, the DMV considers this a vehicle transfer. So, the DMV requires you to use specific forms to document this transfer.

Some of these documents include your California Certificate of Title. It’s easiest to use your original title. However, you may need a duplicate title form if you don’t have your title.

California DMV Forms

You’ll also need the signature of the seller, buyer, and the transfer fee. You may need several other documents in addition to these.

Also, get a smog certification if your car isn’t exempt. Check these requirements to determine if this need applies to your vehicle.

2. Vet Car Buyers Thoroughly

Once you begin selling your car, vet your offers thoroughly. Too many scammers offer to buy vehicles for nefarious reasons. It’s possible that somebody wants to meet with you in person to harm you.

So, how can you vet your potential buyer? First, ask them every relevant question. Consider asking these for a start:

Vet Car Buyers

  • What do they want out of your car?
  • What price is too high for them?
  • What questions or concerns do they have about your vehicle?
  • Will they agree to meet in a public place?

Also, remember that you shouldn’t be too eager to make a sale. Sometimes, people are so excited to hear an offer that they overlook how sketchy the buyer may be. Remember that if a buyer seems suspicious, cut off the conversation.

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3. Sell Your Car Online

You can often find companies to buy your car online. However, remember that businesses may shortchange you on the sale. So, consider some of the following tactics to find the best buyers.

First, consider selling to larger companies. Companies with multiple offices are more convenient for many sellers. Likewise, these businesses can provide the funds you request for your vehicle.

selling car online

Second, sell your car online to buyers with good online reviews. These online businesses can become simpler to vet than individual buyers.

4. Use These Tips for Selling Your Car in California

These three tips can make selling your car in California much more accessible. So, start by gathering the necessary forms today. Then, start scouting the best buyers in the state!

Car in California

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