Are you a sports fan? If you are, tell me this, do you have the time to follow all the sports on TV? No, right? Does that mean you have to forget about sports? No, you can stay updated and even watch sports – that too, for free – on your smartphone. Wiziwig is one option that helps you do that. 

Yes, you read it right. Wiziwig lets you watch all of your favorite football matches for free. The website covers football tournaments, matches, events, and leagues. You can view all this content for free. Yes, free. You can watch other sports as well. 

But is it legal? Does Wiziwig exist? If all these questions got you worried, then this article might help you. 

What Is Wiziwig?

What Is Wiziwig

This site is widely popular among people who love to stream sports for free. They can stream UFC, football, basketball, tennis, soccer, and other different sports in high-quality videos. The website has a clean and user-friendly interface. The menu bar is very intuitive and helps you choose the type of game you want to stream online. The website serves as an online channel for free sports streaming. 

However, they don’t host the sports content directly on the website. Users have to use the different streaming links they post on the website for free streaming of the game they want to watch. 


Although it was the one-stop destination for sports news, updates, and video links, it has closed for good. Earlier, you could view cricket, football, soccer, tennis, and other sports on this site. But, the site has closed, possibly due to copyright infringement issues. Websites like share links to copyrighted content; hence they are not legal. Even if you can access similar websites, you should always use VPN to access them. 

How To Use Wiziwig?

How To Use Wiziwig

It is easy to use this website. Since these websites offer third-party links, you should use antivirus and VPN to keep your device safe. Here is how you can access this website for streaming sports for free–

  • Go to the web browser on your phone, tablet, or PC. 
  • Open the search bar and type Wiziwigs.EU/
  • Open the website from the search results. 
  • Then choose the sport you want to stream. 
  • Now, use the link to stream your favorite sport live. 

Wiziwig Features 

Wiziwig Features 

Here are the different features of this website –

  • This website lets user stream sports for free. 
  • Football, baseball, basketball, tennis, cricket, rugby, hockey, soccer, MotoGP, and boxing are some popular sports you can watch on this website. 
  • The website has an SSL certificate
  • Users can stream in high quality, and there are multiple trustworthy links. 
  • The website’s interface looks clean.
  • You don’t see lots of advertisements on the website. 

Wiziwig Pros & Cons 

Wiziwig Pros & Cons 

Here are the pros and cons of this online sports streaming channel –


  • There are many positive reviews of the website online. 
  • Dolphin’s SSL check confirms that their SSL certificate is valid.
  • There are no phishing or malware activities found on the website. 
  • Trend Micro also finds this website trustworthy. 


  • Wiziwig does not exist anymore. 
  • The website has an old-fashioned interface. 
  • The website contains advertisements. 
  • Sometimes the links may not work properly.
  • Scamadviser marks the site with a one trust score out of 100.  

Alternative To Wiziwig

Alternative To Wiziwig

There are more than ten alternatives to this popular streaming platform for sports. You can use any of them for similar purposes. Here are some suggestions I would like for you to check out –


12thplayer is the perfect alternative to the deceased Wiziwig. The website is the home to free sports lovers. It is one of the best sites for watching football for free. 

However, you will see lots of advertisements. Although popular for football, you can also watch other sports like tennis, rugby, hockey, tennis, basketball, etc. 


Stream2watch is completely similar to Wiziwig. Moreover, it seems like a dark-mode version of the Wiziwig website. You can watch different games and their matches and tournaments and leagues. We always suggest using a VPN while using websites like this.

You can stream football, hockey, snooker, NHL, and other sports for free. But, you have to register into the platform using your email. You can access the website from your PC, tablet, or smartphone.


Another popular Wiziwig alternative is batman stream. This website is great for those who want to stream different matches and tournaments for free. You can access sports from across the world.

Similar to Wizi Wig, this site also lets you stream cricket and football. However, it is best for baseball or basketball. They also stream unpopular games like cycling and dart. You can chat with other users using this website.  


SportP2P is another alternative to Wizwig. You can not only watch free sports, but the site also offers live updates and news about the different games. The site is free and lets you stream a wide variety of games. Users also love the minimal interface. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Here are some popular questions about the website. The previous users of the website usually ask these questions. 

Q1. What Replaced Wiziwig?

Ans: The loyal users of this site will never find it replaceable. However, there are many alternative sites that offer the same features and services, such as Wiziwig. A good alternative to the website would be SportP2P. 

Q2. Is Wiziwig Free? 

Ans: Yes, this website is completely free. You can watch different sports for free. Basketball, football, cricket, tennis, and different other sports are easy to stream for free on this website. 

Q3. Does Wiziwig Still Exist?

Ans: Unfortunately, the website closed due to different reasons. You can still access the website on google or other search engines. But you will see a disclaimer saying that the website has closed. However, there are some alternatives with similar services. If you want to watch free sports, then you can use those sites. 

Bottom Line 

So, that was all the information about Wiziwig, the free streaming site for sports lovers. However, the site is now closed. You can access all the different free websites that I have suggested instead of Wiziwig. 

Did you find this article helpful? If you did, please let us know in the comment. You can also leave your questions in the comment if you have any. We will answer them as soon as possible.

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