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Best Apps to Increase Workspace Productivity!

Workplace trends have evolved immensely with technology reaching new heights. Every now and then there are new apps and tools being incorporated into offices and companies to improve workspace productivity. Because when employees are productive, their quality of work gets better, and tend to finish projects and tasks in less time. From online faxing services and electronic mail to kanban boards and collaboration tools?there are so many different applications we could use now to make our work even more convenient!

Even though productivity is very personal and it seldom gets affected by external factors but we cannot deny the fact that there are certain apps and tools available that make regular work more interesting and increase your motivation levels to focus better on work. We are listing down the best apps available for enhancing workspace productivity.

To use the apps listed below, all you need to do is get the connection to a stable internet service that can help you install and access these apps easily.

The best example is Spectrum Gold Package which offers ultra-fast internet speeds without imposing any data caps so you can work online with freedom and make the best use of the apps mentioned below to enhance your workspace productivity and help address your needs to get things done faster.

1. Microsoft Office

1. Microsoft Office

Microsoft office or office 365 provide easy and secured collaboration among colleagues and teams working in the office or remotely. It offers multiple productivity tools and applications that allow people to view, create and modify work documents. Microsoft Teams offered by The Office is a collaboration hub that brings together different tools for chat and video calling to turn a workspace into a more shared and connected area.

It is the most commonly used online tool in the workplace to carry out tasks like making spreadsheets, presentations, letters, memos, designing personal databases and document editing, etc. It can also be used to generate and manage employee tasks. This cloud bases tool is the best option to keep your files synchronized and scheduled.

2. Grammarly


Grammarly is a great app to increase your team?s productivity. It helps eliminate errors, bring clarity and make your texts and documents look more professional in terms of language and format, that too in no time.

You can simply run your text on the Grammarly app or connect the app to your Microsoft Word. After all, it will fix punctuations, remove grammar errors, and review cycles. On the other hand, this will improve your word choice and quality of your text in no time. It promotes faster and accurate writing. Therefore, making it a must-have tool to incorporate in your offices to improve your workplace productivity.

In addition to all that, Grammarly also offers a mobile keyboard that allows you to consult the writing suggestions. Even more while you are replying to a formal email through your phone. Or when you are creating a document using your mobile.

This app is easily available and compatible on iOS and Android devices and supports tablets as well. The free version of Grammarly is good enough to check basic issues like correctness and clarity. But it also offers a premium version that helps with complex text issues. On the other side, this helps with engagement and delivery of the text.

3. Google Docs

Google Docs

Google Docs has been around for quite some time now and it has boosted workplace productivity to a great extent. It is one of the best apps used for sharing files and documents for collaboration among colleagues.

You would not need to save and send files again and again throughout your writing process. This tool lets you share your document within and outside your organization in no time.  It also eliminates the chances of receiving redundant documents thus promoting time effectiveness.

You can organize and keep all your documents in an online hub using Google Docs creating Google Sheets. It includes a feature that helps you highlight and make notes about specific content within your documents making it easier for you as well as the viewer to find out comments made on a document.

The original document owner will also keep in mind the privacy and security of the documents. In this case, google lets the original document owner decide the editing features for each user that is sharing the document.

Anyone can easily download the Google Docs on iOS as well as Android for free and you can download and edit documents in PDFs online too.

4. Trello


Trello is another tool that helps teams work together and collaborate efficiently. This app lets you manage your projects, set boards, organize tasks, lists, and cards, and build team spirits to boost productivity at the workspace.

You can organize your to-do lists with this app and share everything within a team to complete bigger projects as well. Trello cards are the highlighted feature of this app. They can represent single tasks, deadlines, checklists, attached files, pictures, documents, and other priorities set by the teams.

Trello contains a handful of tools to help you manage your projects. Even this will allow you to connect to third-party services such as OneDrive, Slack, Twitter, Mailchimp, etc. to increase your workflow. On top of that, it’s extremely user-friendly. This means you do not need to stress out your energy to make this tool work. Above all you need to do is install it and get started with powerful collaboration tools to increase your workspace productivity.

Wrapping it up:

We have mentioned above a few best apps you must already be using. In case you should not definitely include them at your work to increase the productivity rate of employees. There still are tons of more apps available online that can help you boost your productivity. All you need is a stable internet connection and you’ll never run out of options.

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