how to cancel a bid on ebay

Learn The Art Of How To Cancel A Bid On eBay In 2023!

With about 159 million users, eBay is one of the most popular e-commerce websites for buyers as well as sellers. It is totally possible for you to regret placing a bid for a product that you changed your mind about.

The thrill of finding used products that could become extra-loved products under your roof is unparalleled. In this article, we bring together all the information you need on how to cancel a bid on eBay.

How To Cancel A Bid On eBay?

Cancel A Bid On eBay

Once you submit a bid, there won?t be an option to cancel the bid on the product page, which can lead you to ask how to retract a bid on eBay. To cancel the bid on eBay, go to the eBay customer service page and search ?retract a bid.? You will be redirected to an article called ?Retracting a bid.?

Click the blue button that says ?Retract a bid,? which will take you to another page. The items that have active bids will be listed on the at page. You will have to click the particular bid that you want to cancel, which will again redirect you to another page.

Select the reason for canceling. Once the bid gets canceled successfully, you will receive a confirmation in your mail. The ?retract a bid? article has loads of other helpful advice, too.

Can I Cancel My eBay Bid?

According to eBay, as a buyer, you are allowed to retract a bid if the seller changes the item description to a large extent or if you bid the wrong amount by mistake.

If the auction has more than 12 hours left to process, the bids can be retracted, according to eBay. But in case there are fewer than 12 hours remaining, only the bid placed within the last hour can be canceled. This is eBay?s policy.

So, the answer to whether you can cancel an eBay order remains sometimes. The conditions that apply are the following:

The Seller Has Changed The Description: If they change the description of the product after you place the bid, you can retract the bid.

You Bid The Wrong Amount: If you enter an extra 0 at the end of an amount, such as $300 instead of $30, you can take back the bid. You may then re-enter the correct amount that you wished to bid initially. Be careful when typing the mount the next time.

The Seller Does Not Respond: In case you can?t email, call, or contact the seller, you are eligible to retract the bid.

eBay Retract Bid Policy

Just having a change of mind is not a valid reason for eBay to allow you to cancel the bid. eBay calls this an ?invalid bid retraction.? If you retract a bid without a valid reason, the seller has the right to report you to eBay, which can lead to further actions such as suspending your account. You should cancel a bid only when you are sure you meet the criteria.

If you are, however, dissatisfied with the services of the seller, such as if the product you receive is faulty, does not arrive, is damaged, or is not as described. You, as the buyer, can report the seller to eBay.

Is There A Charge Involved?

Yes. You can end the listing by canceling the bid. eBay will charge a final value fee as a cancellation charge.

What Happens If You Neither Cancel Nor Pay For The Bid?

According to eBay, ?Failure to pay for items is a violation of our abusive buyer policy. When a seller cancels an order because the buyer hasn’t paid, the unpaid cancellation is recorded on the buyer’s account. Buyers who have excessive unpaid cancellations may have limits imposed by a seller or by eBay, or lose their buying privileges.?

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How To Avoid Having To Cancel A Bid?

How To Avoid Having To Cancel A Bid

If you practice good buying techniques, it can prevent you from making bids you will later regret.

Double-check The Bid: Make sure you have entered the right amount, more so when you make a last-minute bid. That way, you can avoid the hassle of how to cancel bid on ebay.

Get Practical: Ask yourself whether you really need the product before making the bid- even if the price looks like a good bargain. Is it really affordable, and is your budget okay with it?

Check The Description: Check the product description carefully before you place a bid. If the product is an electronic one, check its warranty. If it does not have one, it is best to avoid a bid in the first place.

Compare It With Other Products: Before you bid, check other similar products. Understand if other products have more features within a lesser price range. Don?t get pressured into buying the product. There are several sellers on eBay who are selling the exact product you are buying. Take a look at all of your options before hitting the button.

Pro Tip

If, on placing a bid, you decide you are no longer inclined to get the product, eBay advises that you contact the seller directly. You can request them to cancel the order. They are not obliged to do it, but you could convince them with the way you approach them.

Be polite and courteous, and explain the situation so that they become willing to reconsider. eBay provides them with the option to cancel bid on ebay as seller.

The best tip although remains that you be mindful of your steps to bidding on a product before having to ask the question of how to remove a bid on eBay.

To Conclude 

You looked everywhere for the ?cancel bid? button, but you could not find it. That is because eBay does not have one of those. And now that you know that, you might think it’s impossible to retract a bid on eBay, but it is not.

If you have thoughts to share or questions to ask on how to cancel a bid on ebay, please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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