The likes and comments on social media platforms do feel good. It strokes your ego. It is a form of validation that users on social media get when there is a notification of someone liking or commenting on their post or video.

Facebook is one such social media platform that connects people; hence, if someone does not follow you on Facebook, it is completely alright for you to be a little curious. So now the question arises how can you see if someone is not following you on Facebook?

The article lists ways to determine if someone is not following you on Facebook. Considering Facebook does not make you feel bad about people unfollowing you by sending you notifications, you can go about the steps to find out about it yourself.

Having clarity concerning your online friends is also important because it helps you be aware of their position in your life, especially if you know them personally.


How Can You See If Someone Is Not Following You On Facebook?

How Can You See If Someone Is Not Following You On Facebook

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How to tell if someone unfollowed you on facebook? The answer is simple: if you are friends with a person on Facebook, that person must be on your followers list. However, if you cannot find the person on your followers’ list, they must have unfollowed you.

Another way how can you see if someone is not following you on facebook is by typing their name in the search bar and checking the blue “Add Friend” option. They only follow you if they are on your friend list.

The important aspect is that they can only follow you with your approval of an individual’s friend requests. Once you accept a friend request, Facebook automatically adds the person to your follow list.

How Do You Follow Someone On Facebook?

How Do You Follow Someone On Facebook?

Facebook is a social media platform where people send friend requests to each other to connect with them and stay updated. The person is added to the follower’s list when the user accepts the friend request. It happens automatically; hence, when someone follows you, the user is not directly notified.

There is also a question of whether you follow someone or not. To control that, you need to go to their profile and click on the friend’s option in blue, and you will find an opportunity to follow or unfollow. It dictates your position in their followers and friends list.

If someone is not on your friend’s list, you can still allow them to follow you. For that, you need to click on your profile picture on Facebook. Then you have to select “Settings and privacy” and choose settings.

Go to “Public posts” on the left-hand side of the display and then select public or friends next to “who can follow me.” It will allow people only on your friend list to follow you if they send you a friend request.

How To Check If Someone Is Not Following You On Facebook Manually?

How To Check If Someone Is Not Following You On Facebook Manually?

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To manually check whether an individual is not following you on facebook, you can use two methods. If you think about who unfollowed me on Facebook, you can go to your profile and select the “More” tab from where you can find and click “Followers.”

You can cross-check with your friend list, and whoever is missing from your follower list is the person that is not following you.

How do you know if someone unfollowed you on facebook? Another way of finding out is to go to your profile on Facebook and click on “Friends.” You will find your Facebook friends list on the next page. You will find the menu where you can click on “Following.”

In the search tab, type the name of the friend. If you are still looking for them, they are not following you.

How Can You See If Someone Is Not Following You On Facebook With An Extension?

How Can You See If Someone Is Not Following You On Facebook With An Extension

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If you are a content creator, losing one follower can be a big blow to your confidence because you start questioning your content and choices. That is when you ask how you can see if someone is not following you on facebook.

If you know who it is, it will help you justify one less follower. I can help you list those who have stopped following you. You can use Firefox and Google Chrome extensions to know that.

“Who Deleted Me” is one effective and applicable extension in this situation. It would help if you searched for “who deleted me Chrome extension” and then clicked on the first link available. Then select “Add To Chrome.”

Once you have saved the Chrome extension, login to your Facebook account. The program will save the friend and followers list; hence, whenever someone unfollows you, you will get to know them immediately.

The notification will come from the Chrome extension, even though Facebook does not. Do, however, go through the terms and conditions of Facebook when using third-party websites, as Google Chrome or Firefox is a third-party website.

Is Not Following Someone On Facebook Considered Healthy?

Is Not Following Someone On Facebook Considered Healthy?

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Even though it is not a positive step to unfollow someone on social media platforms as it might trigger emotions and feelings in someone. However, self-wellness and peace of mind are equally important.

With social media use on a high, it is important to know when to unfollow someone. If someone posts low-quality content such as hate speech, explicit content, and gossip, you can unfollow them.

At times, people post on social media platforms for an ego boost. Therefore, if you do not like their posts, presentation of their point of view, and other comments, you should unfollow them.


Facebook has multiple purposes, and knowing that hate must not be spread is important. Unfollowing someone cannot be considered negative if it is done for overall wellness purposes.

It is also important to know who does not follow you so that you can be cautious of the hurt that they might implicate you. Let me know in the comment what you think of the unfollowing culture and if you need to know who does not follow you.

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